WSP Spring 2013 Clubs

The Waldorf School of Pittsburgh is proud to announce our after school clubs for spring. Clubs are open to all students in 3rd through 7th grade. All clubs will be held from 3-4:30pm. Please return registration forms and $65 per club registration fee to the school no later than April 10th, 2013. (Click here to download registration form in MS Word format)

Intramural Sports Club
Mondays (April 15th – May 20th, No School May 6th) 

Join instructor and games teacher Ms. Illar for a variety of group and team games. Learn about sportsmanship, equipment and games form around the world. This club will also explore commongames like basketball, wiffleball, football, Frisbee, four-square, and more. 

Soccer Club
Tuesdays (April 16th  – May 21st)

Join us for Soccer skills and games.  Jeffery Dorsey, experienced soccer athlete and Waldorf Parent will assist in coaching the club.  Students will work together to refine dribbling, shooting and passing skills while experiencing sportsmanship during their time together. Light competition will be involved as teamwork will be a large focus during our time. 

Culinary Gardening Club
Wednesdays (April 17th – May 22nd) 

Join Ms. Ursula Smith, long-time green-thumb in learning about agricultural facts while snacking away this spring! We will plant take-home items, cook healthy snacks and vegetable dishes along with adding some TLC to the Waldorf grounds. Students will learn about the cycles plants need to go through during the spring to grow healthy all summer long. Off-site walking garden visits will be part of our time together, as we learn about both edible plants and flower gardens.

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