Winter Fair Volunteers Needed

As many of you know, Winter Fair is the Parent Association’s biggest fundraiser of the year, the event where we raise the bulk of the money needed to fulfill our financial commitment to the school ($10k to the operating budget). It is a very festive affair, with the school decorated beautifully, crafts for all ages, performances by students and others, delicious food, and horse-drawn carriage rides. It is a wonderful event but relies heavily on the parent volunteers, so I ask you to be generous with your time. Co-Chairs Joanna Papa ( and Christina Frasher ( have the planning well under way, but need just three (maybe four) volunteers to help coordinate some of the advance work that will ensure success.

One volunteer to act as craft apprentice to Shannon Williams. Shannon will organize the craft rooms for this year’s Winter Fair, but would like to have someone to assist and be prepared to lead the crafts for next year. This role includes deciding on the crafts that will be done, and assembling the instructions & materials necessary.

Silent Auction Specialist: Someone is needed to run the Silent Auction for Winter Fair this year. This would include soliciting items for the auction, writing descriptions of the items, setting up and promoting the auction, following through with collection/delivery of items afterward, and/or recruiting the help necessary to accomplish these tasks. (This, admittedly, is a big commitment for one person, so ideally, there will be two people who recognize this as something they can and want to do.) A database, listing donors from previous years, is available as a starting point, and please know that our community is always very generous with donating items.

Please contact Joanna ( or Christina ( to volunteer or find out more.

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