Winter Fair Volunteer Opportunities

It’s that time of year again! Hot apple cider, or hot chocolate? Stay inside with a warm blanket, or play in the snow? So many memories are made during this special time of year, and so many are made at our annual Winter Fair! Please consider being part of the Winter Fair Volunteers that help make this delightful event possible. We will need volunteers to hand out raffle tickets, to work our crafting rooms (taffy pulls, wool felting and more!), to serve up delicious food, and of course, to decorate this place to make it that much more magical (A full list of volunteer opportunities can be e-mailed to interested people). It takes a village to bring this wonderful experience about!

For more information please contact Ms. Abigail Sanders at

Volunteer Spots Available:

The Raffle (2 Persons): displaying prizes (collected in the front office) for grownups and kids and listing them on our chalkboards, along with the drawing times, putting out rolls of tickets, etc. At the fair, raffle leaders are in charge of the ticket sellers and cash box, and they do prize drawings mid-way through the fair and at the fair’s end.

Crafts that we still need leaders for:

Candle-Rolling Craft Leader
Candle-rolling is rolling honeycomb-patterned sheets of wax around a wick, and using tiny cookie-cutters to cut out decorative shapes from smooth, colored sheets of wax. The kids pick out and press the shapes onto their candles to decorate them.

Leading this craft involves gathering supplies, making prototypes at least a week in advance (to troubleshoot and to display as examples), setting up the room night before, helping the kids do the craft during the first shift, and showing parents/volunteers in the next shift how to do it.

Wet-Felting Craft Leader
This craft is a safer, young-child’s alternative to the needle-felting craft that will be available for kids in grades 3 and up this year. It involves using soap and water to shape wool “snowballs,” then (if this could happen quickly enough for the craft to work) attaching them together and adding a few features to make snowmen. If that’s too complicated, wet-felting could simply be making a ball combining different colors of wool, that can have a hook attached and be an ornament.

The leader has the same responsibilities as with the candle-rolling craft, but this craft is a bit more skilled, and the position needs someone who’s done wet-felting in the past.

 Activities that need a leader:(Both activities would benefit not only from having a leader, but from having someone who has prepared a bit in charge of each shift)

Victorian Parlor Games
Interesting and silly games the Victorians played in their homes for fun at holiday gatherings include “Piggy Squeak,” “Up Jenkins” and “Throwing the Smile.” Grades and middle-school kids and adults will get to have some old-fashioned fun playing these interactive games.

The Parlor Games leader doesn’t need experience, but does need to learn and try out the games in advance (we’ll provide a list of games to pick from). Then at the fair, the leader explains how the game is played and leads the kids through it.

Make-Believe Room
This is a room where kids (ages 2 and up) can try on lots of different fun clothes and accessories that children and adults would have worn in the Victorian period. Then, as a gentleman or lady, maid, chimney sweep, fancy little girl or grubby street urchin, they can wander through–or run–old-fashioned “shops” or dance to old-timey Victrola music. They can learn from displays how people dressed and lived back in the day, and can even dress up magnetic Victorian Paper Dolls.

The leader of the Make-Believe Room should read the information we give them about the Victorian period in advance (and their own research is welcome!), and help set up the night before. At the fair, they can help the little ones choose and put on their clothes, tell them fun things about the kinds of people who would have worn those pieces, help them get involved in a make-believe scenario or with dressing the paper dolls, and keep discarded costume pieces organized and tidy.


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