Winter Fair Raffle Winners

Some lucky folks who entered the Raffle have won prizes they still need to claim!

Their ticket numbers or names (If they wrote them on the back) are:
Five Note Cards: 948345
Cards Made by the First Grade: 948511
Handmade Potholders: The Tsafos
Handmade Hat: 948933
Weatherproof Hat: 948178
Vintage Mink Muff: 949174
Handmade Sweater: Dudek Family
Handmade Jams: 948123 and Maryam Salem (Rachel Durst)

Horse & Carriage Raffle Winners

Sixteen lucky children who bought tickets for carriage rides won a Golden Rodi Bounce Pony or Green Rodi Bounce Bunny! Their names are:

  • Noahlivia G.
  • Ricky P.
  • Kharan W.
  • Owen F.
  • Sammy R.
  • Sophie N.
  • Bodhan H.
  • Hunter K.
  • Liam T.
  • Aziah H.
  • Amelia H.
  • Masha C.
  • Amy N.
  • Cece W.
  • Sara H.
  • Leia L.

Winners of both Raffles will find their prizes in the back section of the Library. For the general Raffle, winning items are in the clear bin with the red lid; tickets are stapled to item tags. Rodi Bounce Ponies and Bunnies are in the large cardboard boxes; animal choice is first-come, first-served. If you need help finding your raffle prize, ask Hilary in the Front Office for assistance.


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