What’s happening in handwork?

With the winter holidays fast approaching it is the time for presents.  Our early grades have been learning and practicing handwork for a few months, and so many a beautiful handmade treasure has been created.  Some of these lovely handmade treasures will find just the right person this holiday season as a special gift.

The first grade’s first knitted project was the knitted ball. Surely one or more of these precious first efforts will become a gifted treasure from a beloved first grader.

The second grade made lots of knitted washcloths.  For this, they had to learn to increase stitches and then decrease them.  It took a lot of keeping track of stitches to get it just right.  The washcloths are all cotton, and they will work so well for cleaning or bathing. .  Of course, a number of students made more than one!

The third grade is now crocheting.  That was not easy to learn. Our first project was a hexagonal mat, a hot pad or trivet.  They’ve come in several sizes, and they’re sure to find their way to a special recipient as a gift this year.  Ask your third grade friend to show you how that crocheted stitch is made.  He’ll surprise you with his skill.

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