Welcome to Miss Jeanne-the Lead Nursery Teacher for 2010-2011

We’ve spent the last few months welcoming potential students into our classroom for visits, pouring over admission applications, and interviewing new families. As we enter the summer, we now have a clear idea of what our programs’ enrollment numbers look like for the fall and would like to share with you our plans for the 2010 school year. Upon studying these numbers for the Nursery program, we’ve concluded that the WSP will have one Nursery classroom next year. This class will combine all options (2-day, 3-day, 5-day), and will be lovingly taught by this year’s Lavender Nursery teacher, Miss Jeanne Crelli.

As you may already know, Miss Selena Holtz, the lead teacher of this year’s Buttercup Nursery, will continue her dedicated work in the school, but in a whole new way–as our new 1st Grade teacher. While we are so excited for her to answer her calling to be a Grades’ teacher, we will certainly miss seeing her cheery smile and hearing her voice throughout the hallways of the Early Childhood Programs.

We wish you a wonderful summer, and look forward to working with you, your children, and your families throughout the coming school year.

Ms. Penny Hunter, Sundrop Kindergarten Lead Teacher, WSP Early Childhood Faculty Chair
Ms. Jeanne Crelli, Lavender Nursery Lead Teacher

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