WECAN Visits Waldorf School of Pittsburgh

In October the Early Childhood Faculty applied for Full Membership to the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN). WECAN’s mission is to nurture teachers’ work with young children from pre-birth to age seven, based on an understanding of the healthy development of the child in body, soul and spirit. As an umbrella support group, WECAN has created criteria and benefits for all those schools who wish to be considered for Full Membership to the Association.

After months of work, the Early Childhood Faculty completed a self-study that was submitted to WECAN and followed up with a three day site visit with Dzvinka Hayda from the Waldorf School in Detroit, Michigan. She observed all of the Early Childhood Programs, including Extended Care and spoke with the Administrative group and the Faculty Administrative Committee.

In our final meeting she had many positive things to share about our programs and was affirming in our “care of the children.” Our final Site Visit Report will be reviewed by the WECAN Membership Committee and our membership status will be determined in June.

Ms. Pegin Foglia, Coral Bell Kindergarten Teacher

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