Waldorf Upper School Expansion Update

Now that we have a plan for expanding to the 8th grade within the existing physical space of the 1st and 2nd floors of our building, the committee has shifted its focus to long-term planning. This process will allow both for a graceful transition into our three year plan as well as continued planning for our eventual expansion to the 3rd floor.
We are pleased to announce that Stefani Danes, principal architect with Perkins Eastman, will be leading this phase of the work.

Stefani, a neighbor of the school, has personal experience with Waldorf schools and school expansions, and as an educator appreciates the Waldorf philosophy. In her job as an architect, she has worked on developing ways to get feedback from multiple stakeholders, a technique that we will be applying to our expansion planning. The expansion committee will be employing her techniques starting this summer organizing into focus groups to collect feedback from the major stakeholders who will play a role in the expansion — parents, teachers, students, the community at large and so on. These meetings will collect information on goals, alternatives, and recommendations, detailing plans, and fundraising with respect to the expansion. After some brief brainstorming at our last meeting, the committee meets again June 10th at 7:00 pm to set agendas and a calendar for these focus group meetings over the next several months.

Stay tuned for more information about focus meetings you may be interested to attend to give your feedback. For questions about the process or to share your feedback please contact Jeffrey Dorsey, Expansion Committee Chair.

Submitted by
Jen Mankoff (Expansion Committee Member, Waldorf parent.)

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  1. Dawn Roper says:

    🙂 exciting news.

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