Waldorf in the world

The January 3rd issue of the New Yorker featured an article on Bottega Venta’s creative director and head designer, Tomas Maier. Growing up in the small city of Pforzheim on the border of Germany and France. Maier was sent to the local Waldorf School at the age of six. Of his school, he remembers gardening in this article.

“You go and pluck potatoes,” Maier says, “so then when you eat potatoes it’s very different, because you know where they came from and what it means to have them from the ground on your plate.”

His experiences in the Waldorf school and his time spent in his father’s design studio, were just the first steps to his creative future.
The complete article can be found on pg. 32 of the January 3, 2011 edition of the New Yorker or via subscription at http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2011/01/03/110103fa_fact_colapinto

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