Volunteers are the life blood and pillars of every Waldorf School, but especially for a growing school like ours. Your required service hours help make Waldorf education available to our children and give you a chance to participate in a community where your skills are needed and appreciated. Please use the below information to help guide you as you plan your volunteer hours throughout the year.

Tracking of Volunteer Hours

Please note that the school tracks volunteer hours through the Parent Portal managed by BigSIS. You can log in to the parent portal at https://waldorfpittsburgh.bigsis.com/portal/ to enter hours that you have completed.

School Events

Beautification Weekend: This event usually takes place the third weekend in August. The community is asked to volunteer to give things a thorough cleaning and prepare classrooms and common areas for a new school year.  Teachers, staff, and volunteers will work in shifts throughout the day from 8-6 each day. Families and children are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Winter Fair: The annual Winter Fair is the largest event the school holds. Working a volunteer shift helps ensure the success and everyone’s enjoyment of Winter Fair. It takes many hands to decorate, oversee crafts, make and serve the food, monitor the silent auction, and clean-up afterward.

May Fair: Like the Winter Fair, May Fair is the school community’s way of welcoming in spring. Volunteers will serve in many capacities including decorating, overseeing crafts, serving the food, monitoring the raffle and cleaning-up afterward.

Board Committee Opportunities

Development Committee: This committee strategizes ways to obtain new funding for the school. Volunteers research foundations and potential grants, write grant proposals, and assist with the school’s annual report, annual fund drive, and additional fundraising efforts and events.

Enrollment Committee: This committee works to spread the word about the school in the community and increase enrollment. Volunteers assist with informational events such as open houses and guest speakers as well as with public outreach events such as Earth Day.

Buildings, Grounds, and Safety Committee:  This committee works to manage the school’s facilities and related safety issues.  Parents with a background in architecture, building management, construction, trades, etc., are encouraged to be involved.

Parent Association Opportunities

The WSP Parent Association is an integral part of the school’s function and community. All parents should consider participating in at least one of the following committees/groups lead by the school’s Parent Association.

Festivals Committee: Parent Volunteers run two fairs—Winter Fair and May Fair—which also are fundraisers for the school. Activities include decorating the school, preparing food, managing a bake sale or craft activities, and preparing information about the events.

PA Classroom Representative:  This is a parent volunteer who represents their class at the monthly PA meetings.

Hospitality Committee: This committee will run four appreciation brunches in the course of the year and support other events, such as the Enrollment Committee Discover Waldorf/Open Houses, by supplying baked goods, beverages, and setting up/cleaning up of the refreshments.

Hot Lunches:  This group works to offer hot lunches 2-3 times a month.  One or two parents are needed to coordinate the program.  Parents are also needed to attend lunch to help serve the food, etc.

Various project-based opportunities (rather than on-going): these include the Bloomfield Halloween Parade, Martinmas Coat Drive, Small Hands catalog promotion, and other once-a-year events.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Facilities Maintenance and Repair: There is always something to repair or improve around the school!  Volunteers in this area should have skills in a specific trade or otherwise be very handy, particularly with old buildings.  Painters are always appreciated!  Having your own tools is helpful but not required.

Grounds Maintenance:  Volunteers in this area would help with basic grass cutting, weed whacking, and pruning, but if you have a green thumb you’re welcome to get creative.

Click here for a current list of Facilities and Grounds Volunteer Opportunities
Contact Brendan Froeschl for more information.

Administrative Work: Volunteers assist with administrative duties as needed, such as answering phones, filling in at the front desk, filing, and mailings.

Expansion Working Group: This group drives the effort to create a larger capacity, fully resourced school facility and program and needs volunteers with experience in construction, architecture, finance, and communications.

Legal Work: A pool of attorneys works on legal issues that arise from time to time at the school.

Library Work: Volunteers can help sort and re-shelf books, repair books, and identify books for purchase.

IT/Technical Support: There is often need for input on computer maintenance and repair, technology infrastructure, website programming, software, networking, and telecommunications.

If you would like to be connected with those responsible for the above realms of the school, please contact the front office.

“The healthy social life is found when, in the mirror of each individual,
the whole community is reflected, and when, in the community,
the virtue of each individual is living.”

—Rudolf Steiner

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