Volunteer Service Hours and Re-Enrollment for 2013-14

Parents involved in the Nursery, Kindergarten and Grades programs are required to do volunteer service hours as part of their commitment to the school.   Parents with children in 3-day programs are to complete 12 hours, parents with children in 5-day Kindergarten or Nursery are to complete 20 hours, and parents of children in the Grades program are to complete 40 hours per year. Hours are tracked in the volunteer service hours log book which is kept in the Front Office.  Parents are required to write down the project that they completed, the date of service and the number of hours.  Any hours completed can also be reported to the Front Office by emailing frontoffice@waldorfpittsburgh.org.  Parents have until May 30, 2013 to complete their hours.


If a parent has completed volunteer service hours lately, please make sure that hours are up-to-date and on file with the school at this time.  Enrollment contracts for 2013-4 will be sent out on March 26th, and a tally of the volunteer service hours will be included with the re-enrollment information.  If a family has not yet completed their volunteer service hours for the year, they will not be able to roll-over their 2012-13 deposit and have it applied to the 2013-14 school year until their service hours are complete. Hours do not need to be completed when enrollment contracts for 2013-14 are due (on April 15th), but the current deposit on file will not be applied to the next school year, and a new deposit of $400 will be required at the time of re-enrollment.  Please direct your questions regarding the service hours and deposits to Laura Baker in the Business Office at business@waldorfpittsburgh.org.

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