Welcome Rima Meadows, our visiting Eurythmist

The faculty and staff are pleased to welcome Rima Meadow, the school’s visiting eurythmist, who will be working with children in nursery through the grades for the next six weeks. Ms. Meadow, a Waldorf graduate from the Sacramento Waldorf School, completed her eurythmy training at the American Eurythmy School in Mt. Shasta, CA. She is known for teaching blocks at various Waldorf Schools across the nation, most recently Waldorf schools in Ohio, Maine, and Vermont.  She receives glowing reviews from the schools where she has worked, and the faculty and administration are quite excited to host Ms. Meadow and bring eurythmy into our community again.

Bill Larson, pianist for the Unitarian Universalist Church and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra will be accompanist for Ms. Meadow’s classes.  For more about Mr. Larson, please follow this link: http://www.first-unitarian-pgh.org/OurStaff.html

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