Transportation Change forms

As a reminder to all families, Transportation Change forms must be submitted to the Front Office anytime there will be a change in your child’s pick-up schedule. This includes but is not limited to a change in the normal pick-up person, if they are staying in after care when they usually don’t, if they are not staying in after care when they normally do, or if they are riding the bus on a special occasion. If your child is doing anything different from their normal routine, the Office must be notified using a Transportation Change Form. This includes notifying the office of occasional use Extended Care days.


Regardless if a person is on your approved pick up list or not, children will not be released to a new person without permission from a parent. In addition, if your child is not a regularly scheduled bus rider, but will be riding due to staying in Extended Care or an Early Dismissal, you must notify the office of this change.


This week will have a half day on Wednesday November 23rd. There is no Extended Care or After Care. Buses are available. If Kindergarten parents who use busing wish to have their children ride the bus home this day instead of being picked up please submit a Transportation Change Form to the office. If your child normally attends the Extended Care program and you wish to have them ride the bus instead of picking them up please notify the office using this form. If your child normally rides the bus in the afternoons and you wish to pick them up on Wednesday instead, you must notify the office using the Transportation Change Form.

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