Traffic Patterns during drop-off and pick-up times

During morning drop-off, buses and parents of Kindergarten and Grades children can now drop off their children in the circular driveway at the front of the school. At 8 am, the cones will be set up, and a member of the administration and the two Kindergarten Assistants will be available to receive the children and escort them into the building. Please enter through the entrance to the driveway on Winebiddle Street and exit onto Coral Street. The circular driveway is open to one-way traffic.

Parents who are walking their children into school in the morning can enter through the Grades playground gate and use the back courtyard entrance, or they can walk their children through the Winebiddle gate. Parents walking their children into the school should not be walking their children in through the Coral Street exit where buses and cars will be exiting the circular driveway.

Early Childhood parents who are driving their children may enter the school’s parking lot through the Coral Street Entrance and then walk their child into the school.

During the noon pick-up time for Nursery, Kindergarten and Little Friends children, the parking lot will be closed at 11:45- 12 pm so that children can travel safely from the play yards back to their pick up spots. Please note that if you are parked in the lot at this time, you will not be permitted to move your vehicle between 11:45 and 12 pm.

During the 3 pm dismissal time, children taking the bus will be escorted to the Coral Street to meet the buses.  Children whose parents are picking them up will escorted to the courtyard for pick up where they will be supervised by a faculty member.

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