Third Grade Trip to Blackberry Meadows Farm

The Third Grade had an excellent time at the farm on October 1st. The children all worked hard and really enjoyed themselves. They cut stalks of corn, carried, counted and bundled them. They also peeled and broke apart garlic to prepare it for fall planting and stomped and danced upon beans to separate them from their pods. Last of all, they visited the greenhouses and the animals and they even got to feed the cow fresh picked grass! The children were able to bring home a few goods for their work – beans and garlic!

The trip was a wonderful way to begin their block on farming.  After returning to school, they talked about all the things we use that grow and how important farmers are to everyone – if there weren’t farmers growing food and fibers for us, then we would all need to do this work ourselves. They also talked about the importance of good, healthy soil and that for plants to grow strong, they need soil full of nutrients. Miss Holtz told a little story about a farmer observing what happens naturally in the forest with decomposing leaves and animal droppings and how the forest keeps its soil healthy all by itself. Through composting, farmers can help the soil in their fields to stay healthy.

The third graders also talked and wrote about healthy soil and how compost and manure can help soil improve. Some children had the opportunity on their trip to use a composting toilet! They also learned about tools that a farmer uses and the Farming Cycle throughout the year.

The class had so much fun at the farm – Miss Holtz heard students mention wanting to become a farmer, and one child stated, as she rested next to the farm dog, Maggie: “This is the life!”

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