The New Mini-Forest Garden

The Enrollment Office, at the top of the red grades staircase, is now home to a mini-Forest Garden store.  Felted pumpkins, crowns, and modeling beeswax may be found in the book shelf behind the door. Purchases are self serve, but please do knock if the Enrollment Office door is closed. We also have many books including Waldorf Education: A Family Guide and the new Make Way for Reading: Great Books for Kindergarten through Grade 8. These great books are offered at wonderful discounted prices not to be found elsewhere.  Description of the books may be found here:

Both books were edited by a Chatham University graduate in biology, Pamela Fenner. Ms.Fenner, initially a high school science teacher, sent her children to the Marin Waldorf School.  She went on to found Michaelmas Press.

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