Summer Building Projects Lining Up

This summer, the school building will undergo a number of projects to accommodate school programs, to improve building conditions, and to increase cosmetic appeal.  These projects include:

  • Renovating and enlarging spaces above the auditorium to accommodate a new grades classroom
  • Replacing the concrete at the gate of the front driveway
  • Installing a two bowl sink in the 2nd floor girls’ room
  • Painting and lazuring the walls of the auditorium
  • Renovating the girls’ room adjacent to the auditorium
  • Renovating the family restroom by the auditorium
  • Fencing in the front yard of the school to create another enclosed play yard
  • Replacing the waterless urinals with low flow water fixtures to reduce odor
  • Repairing and replacing sections of roof on the Yellow House
  • Refinishing the hardwood floor of the front entrance hall

These projects will be accomplished with a combination of contractors, in-house staff, and volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer some of your time and talents to help, please contact the school’s Facilities Manager, Brendan Froeschl, at

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