Student handwork on display.

Have you stepped into the Handwork room recently? There are at least a dozen newly made fifth grade socks on display on the bulletin board above the fireplace. They’re a tribute to those students who, four short years ago, made and held knitting needles for the first time. Wrist warmers are also appearing now, as second projects take shape.

There’s been a new friend in many of our Handwork classes this year. Mrs. ElissaUram has been our new volunteer assistant. Mrs. Uram saw the Post Gazette article about our school last March and contacted us. She had just learned to crochet (she taught herself!) and used crocheting to rehabilitate her injured wrists to full recovery. She understands what it’s like to struggle to learn new skills and is an understanding helper to many students.

With her help, the Fourth Grade students learned to piece fabric scraps using a paper pattern (paper piecing) and made Valentine cards and bags.

The Third Grade is quickly approaching the turning of their crowning projects—the Third Grade hat. Crocheting is easy for them
now, but they remember last spring when it seemed like the most unnatural task their teacher had ever asked of them. Sometime soon there will be a school-wide Hat Parade, featuring the new creations of the Third Grade.

And have you been hearing rumblings close to the ground? There are gnomes about to take form in the Second Grade Handwork classes. The little industrious creatures are taking shape and have assisted the students in their learning to purl. If you see a Second Grader, ask about how their gnomes are coming!

Second Grade activities at Waldorf
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