Structure of the Full-Day Nursery/Kindergarten Extended Care Program

Children enrolled from 12-3 pm in the Full-Day Nursery and Kindergarten programs are eligible to attend the 3-6 portion of the Extended Care program, but an additional application is required.  There are two forms of Extended Care that allow children to attend the 3-6 portion of the day on a regular, recurring basis or they can attend intermittently.


1) Contracted Care:  Children staying everyday from 3-6 pm or on a regular interval of days (every Monday and Tuesday, for example) will pay a contracted rate of $18/session. This type of Extended Care is billed in advance of your child’s stay and is applied to your tuition bill.


2) Occasional Use:  Parents are able to enroll their child from 3-6 pm on a variable or an occasional use schedule at a rate of $20/session.  Care can also be scheduled for half-day nursery and kindergarten students from 12-3 pm or 12-6 pm on an occasional use basis.  For example, a nursery student that typically leaves at 12 pm will use occasional use extended care until 3 pm on a day a parent has an afternoon appointment and is unable to pick the child up at 12 pm.  Care must be scheduled 24 hours in advance through the extended care coordinator.


3) Extended Care is available for all parent-teacher conference days, in-service days, teacher visiting days, WECAN conference day and mid-winter break in February.  Attendance at these additional or “exception” days must be scheduled in advance.

Nursery/Kindergarten Extended Care Participation on Sept 1st and 2nd: Full-day nursery and kindergarten children staying from 8-3 pm in their classrooms on their first day of school will be able to stay for the Extended Care program from 3-6 pm as well.  Only children attending nursery and kindergarten on those particular days may attend the Extended Care program. Occasional use of the Extended Care program for all nursery and kindergarten children will resume on Monday September 5th.

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