Stone Soup Celebration

On Tuesday, November 22nd, the Coral Bell and Sundrop kindergarten classes came together for the annual stone soup celebration.  Parents and grandparents were invited, and all brought a vegetable to make our soup delicious.  Before we could celebrate together and enjoy the soup, the children prepared the meal by chopping vegetables and making bread and butter.


The story of stone soup begins with a traveler who is hungry and comes into a town in search of some food.  At each house, the traveler is told that there is not enough food, and that he should ask someone else.  Finally the traveler makes his way to the center of town pulls out a pouch containing a single stone.  He places the stone into a pot full of water and tells the curious villagers that he is making stone soup.  The villagers watch in wonder as the mysterious traveler appears to make soup from a stone.  After some time the traveler tastes the soup and says that it would be more delicious than it already is with the addition of some beans, and someone from the town goes into their house and gets a hand full of beans.  The traveler continues tasting the soup and suggesting food that would make it taste even better.  Eventually everyone in the town contributes something to the soup, and they have so much soup that they are all able to eat some of the delicious soup.


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