St. Nicholas Visits the Snow Drop Nursery

This week, the children heard a story of a little girl who did not listen to her mother and one day, she got it into her head to do exactly what her mother asked her not to do. She wandered into the forest and found herself looking at a great big wolf. St. Nicholas appeared and helped her out of the forest and gave to her a special stone to remember to listen well to those who love her. On Wednesday, we just finished snack when we received a knock on the door and St. Nicholas himself appeared. I wish all of you could have been in the room. He is quite magnificent and the children were quite excited to talk to him. He brought treats of oranges, cookies, and stones (just like in the story) and read to them out of his golden book. Each child received a special message from him letting them know how amazing and sweet he/she is and also a little something that they might be working on. – as told by Ms. Jill Zihar

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