Spring in Buttercup Nursery

Pitter patter pitter patter
Look at all the rain
Knocking on the windowsill
And on the widow pane
Sounding like the pitter pat
Of little fairy feet
Running down the garden path
Running down the street
Washing everybody’s house
And everybody’s shop
When is it going to stop?
This song is a fun tribute to all the rain that comes this time of year. With the rain comes new growth and flowers. We have watched happily as flowers have been blooming all around the school. Even the daffodils that the Buttercup children planted in the fall in the yellow house front garden have bloomed. More and more tulips havebeen blooming everyday.
Not long ago we heard a story about an old gnome who took great care of his garden and loved all of his flowers. One night, he heard the twinkling of bells and as he followed the sound, he discovered a fairy baby crying inside one of his tulips. He rocked the tulip and the baby back to sleep.
Every once in awhile, we will peer into the tulips around the school hoping to see a fairy baby sleeping, but haven’t found one yet.
Just before spring break, we planted wheat grass which has quickly grown and has even needed trimming to keep it from being too wild. When we discovered that a bird made a nest and laid some eggs in our wheat grass, we were delighted! We have watched these eggs over the past few weeks, until one morning we discovered that they had hatched into little chicks!

spring in waldorf nursery

We have not seen their mother; she must know that her babies are safe in the hands of all the Buttercup Nursery children while she is off looking for food.
-Ms. Selena Holtz

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