Spring Grounds Clean-up

The green is finally arriving, and spring is the perfect time to attend to the landscaping needs of our grounds at the school. Anyone who loves to work outdoors, to attend to plants, or just to clean up is invited to join us on April 27th from 9am to around 1pm. It will give us all a chance to prune the shrubs, weed the garden beds, and trim the lawns in preparation of the wonderful May Fair happening on May 4th. We will have breakfast items and some tools to use, but please consider bringing your favorite pruners or loppers. We’ll give everything a nice trimming, and clean up all the overgrowth. Also, if anyone would like to donate a favorite perennial plant to our cause, we could do some planting to add some more yearly interest to our grounds.  Feel free to bring along your favorite, easy maintenance, flowering perennial such as lavender, salvia, sweet woodruff, germander, lady’s mantle – we could place them all over and watch them grow for years to come.

Join us to plant, mulch, and work together outside to make our landscaping ready to face the flourishing months ahead.  For questions, please contact Mary Beschen (marybeschen@gmail.com) or Brendan Froeschl (bfroeschl@waldorfpittsburgh.org).

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