Spotlight on the Future

“Our school is a home away from home. Ms. King has more than her two children.”

-current 8th grade student

In 2009, WSP made the decision to grow to 8th grade with our first 8th grade class projected to graduate in 2014. At that time, a class of 15 students was the most our grades classrooms could hold. By 2011 the Grades Faculty, in working with the Expansion Team, determined that 18-20 students would be an ideal class size for a healthy social and academic experience for grades students. Today all grades, 1st through 4th, are at full enrollment with the ideal class size of 18-20 students.

And we keep growing! We continue to need rooms that are sustainable and will fit our larger cohort of students. Over the past five years, approximately $100,000 has been put into creating beautiful, functional spaces for our growing enrollment and all the renovations have been self-funded. To accommodate these yearly expansion needs and hold an overarching vision for our building’s greatest potential, we have secured the help of Pfaffmann + Associates to help us create a master plan for our entire campus. We’ve already received a $25,000 grant to support this work, but we continue to seek funding for this important project.

In Waldorf Education, the respect and understanding of our physical place in the world is important. Visit any one of the hundreds of Waldorf Schools in North America and the 4th grade students will be learning local geography. At WSP, our 4th grade is thrilled to start this lesson by learning about their classroom and our historic building. Upon reflection, our current 4th graders had this to say:

“I like the history (of the building), it surprises me what you can learn about the school. I like the architecture and mystery of this building. I love the view of the trees. It feels like another home to me.”

Along with our building, we grow our programming too! This year we are excited to welcome not just one but two eurythmists to our school! Both teachers, Amanda Bohrman and Karen Robertson, have been at our school previously and have made a tremendous impact on our students, faculty, staff and parents.  In fact, Ms. Robertson even helped install the cork flooring in the Auditorium!

With your help, the future of WSP is one of new spaces and growing educational opportunities. We will continue to create spaces and programs that inspire future generations of life-long learners who consider our school a home away from home.

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