Spotlight on Grandparents

“In this day and age where the media portrays ‘there is no hope’ – the school gives me hope for the future. I look forward to what is to come for these students and how they will contribute to the world.”

-Laura Kulick, WSP grandparent

Does an education at the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh make a difference in children’s lives now and in the future? Laura and John Kulick, proud WSP grandparents of a current 7th grade student, think so! They’ve seen the difference it’s made in the life of their grandson, Jack. Jack came to WSP in 4th grade and has been thriving ever since. Will you help WSP children thrive with your generous gift to the Annual Fund?

Laura Kulick raised three daughters with her husband, John, a Lieutenant in the state police. John often traveled for work and Laura spent her days volunteering at the girls’ private school. She did it all – from organizing the school Christmas shop to editing the school’s first newspaper with the 7th and 8th grade classes. “It was wonderful to be able to have contact with teachers, to be involved with the social and emotional well-being of the children, and be connected to the school.” Both Laura and John valued a life of service to their family and greater community – values they see cultivated at the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh.

“The school enlightens the child to see so much more – to see themselves and other people as confident human beings. And this brings a deeper sense of awareness for others. The school is preparing the children not only academically, but to love one another and accept differences,” says Laura.

What has been instilled in Laura and John’s grandson, Jack, has been life-changing. “Before coming to WSP, Jack was so unhappy (in school) and I had an ache in my heart that only a grandmother could have.” Now, “he has opened up like a fine instrument and in my mind, I always see him standing tall. His teachers at the school have helped him to breathe – opened him up to be able to say, ‘I recognize my abilities’.”

Your gift to the Annual Fund allows more young people to see their amazing abilities and to appreciate those of others. Please consider joining this year’s Annual Fund. You will feel good knowing that your generous investment will help other students thrive and bring hope for the future.

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