Spotlight on Community

“After attending the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh for 11 years, Uma entered the 9th grade at CAPA last year and has thrived socially, academically, and personally!”

-Juliet Harkness

Why is growing community so important at the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh? Because at WSP we are committed to every student, like Uma. And those students and their families grow our community. You can help grow community by contributing joyfully to this year’s Annual Fund.

Uma’s parents, Juliet and Matthew, currently have two boys at the school.

“Our son, Aziah, is in Mr. Wagner’s third grade class and Moses just started participating in the Morning Garden Transitional class. Our school’s generous financial aid program has given us the opportunity to have several children at the school at once, when this otherwise would not have been financially possible. Thanks to the generous donors who have helped us over the past 13 years, the Waldorf School has become like a second home for our family.”

Juliet reflects, “I first learned about Waldorf Education while working as a nanny when I was 19 years old. I was living in Oregon and met a family who was sending their two young children to the local Waldorf School. These children taught me how to finger-knit, sang to me about Squirrel Nutkin, and were happiest playing in a shallow stream making boats out of sticks and leaves. I was inspired. I decided when I had children I would seek a Waldorf Education for them.” And Juliet did just that, starting with Uma. Today she notes, “I formed my closest friendships, and gained not only an education for my children, but also a community (at WSP).”

As a family, they have committed to giving back. Juliet has worked in several capacities at the school, and Uma was an Assistant Counselor at Camp Waldorf this past summer, dedicating five full days a week for six weeks to support the early childhood as well as the grades group. “Uma took her role very seriously and felt very fortunate to be given the opportunity to do the things that she loves (bake, craft, sing, and spend time outdoors!) as a summer job.”

Uma was able to operate with ease as she left 8th grade and entered CAPA as a high school student. Juliet credits the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh for fostering capacities in Uma that are often overlooked in traditional schools.

When asked where Uma sees herself after graduation she says…“I could be at med school, I could be a handwork teacher at a Waldorf School or I could be a personal trainer. The possibilities are endless.”

Your gift to the Annual Fund allows more young people to feel that the possibilities are endless! Please consider joining this year’s Annual Fund. You will feel good knowing that your generous investment will help us grow community for other families – like Uma’s.

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