Ski Club

The Waldorf School of Pittsburgh Ski Club
Thursday 2:45-9pm
January 31st, February 7th,14th, 28th
(4 sessions) Grades 4 – 7

Please click here for the Ski Club information and registration form packet.

Waldorf School Ski Program – Spring 2013

Dear Students and Parents,

Thank you for your interest in the Ski Program.  Please read the following information, which outlines the rules and regulations for this year.  Once you have done so, please fill out the accompanying forms and return them along with a check on Tuesday, January 29th at the informational meeting.

“Ski Program Rules and Information”

  1. The program consists of four ski trips to Seven Springs on Thursdays.  January 31h, Feb 7th and Feb 14th and 28th  will be the dates of the trips.  Participating students are to come to school PREPARED every Thursday until we go four times.  Please have your child dress appropriately.  A hat and a pair of gloves are a must. 
  1. No skiing if there is no school due to inclement weather.  Also, your school will be notified if there is no skiing on a particular Thursday.
  1. Students may bring a packed dinner with them or money to purchase something to eat.
  1. All students must participate in the lessons.
  1. The Ski Program caravan will leave Seven Springs at 7:30PM returning to Waldorf parking lot by 9 pm
  1. Any student staying later and not riding the caravan back MUST give a WRITTEN NOTE OF PERMISSION from the parents to Ms. Illar before leaving for Seven Springs each week.
  1. There will be no snowball throwing or horseplay before, during, or after skiing.
  1. All safety rules MUST BE OBEYED both on and off the slopes.
  1. Any student who does not wish to comply with these rules will be excluded.
  1. There will be NO REFUNDS.

** Please be aware that chaperones are only provided primarily for transportation purposes and assistance prior to ski lessons.  During free ski time, students are not under the direct supervision of ski instructors or chaperones (although Ms Illar and Mr. Edson will be on the slopes.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to join their child at Seven Springs.  Chaperones and Ski Patrol will be available for any emergencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does ski club last?
Skiing will begin on Thursday, January 31, 2013 (weather permitting). We will go until 4 sessions are completed. The sessions can run consecutively or intermittently depending on weather and/or slope conditions.

How do I know if we are skiing?
Always come to school prepared to ski!
Skiing will be cancelled if there is a snow day or an early dismissal. In the case of a delay, still come prepared to ski. We will always try to ski, but we will never put students in danger during our decision-making. If skiing is cancelled, you can pick up your equipment at dismissal or it can be locked up in the school over night (but it must be picked up the following day). Please refrain from calling Ms. Illar during the day as she will be teaching classes. Also, school offices will be notified of any ski club cancellation. A cancellation will be announced by noon.  There will be an electronic notification sent out when a cancellation occurs.

When do students leave for ski club?
Students will leave school at 2:45pm during those Thursdays.

What time will students return?
Students riding back with Waldorf will arrive at 9 pm.

What does my child need to ski?
Make sure your child has the following items before hitting the slopes: winter jacket, snow pants, hat or ski band, waterproof gloves, and no scarves, but a neck-up is encouraged. Ski goggles and helmets are also highly recommended. If your child does not own his/her own skis/snowboard and boots, you can rent these from Seven Springs before each ski session.

Does my child need to take a lesson?
All students are required to take a weekly lesson. Students will have the opportunity to “free ski” also.

What should my child do with their school items while skiing?
Students must take their school items (book bag, extra clothes/shoes) with them to Seven Springs with the school. There are cubbies and lockers available at Seven Springs to secure their belongings. Please provide 2.00 change if they are to purchase a locker.

My child has his/her own equipment. What should be done with these items?
All equipment should be dropped off at Waldorf.
Skis, poles, and snowboards are the only items permitted to be left at Waldorf. We will transport the items to and from the resort. Students may bring a lock for their own equipment.

My child has never skied before. What should he/she expect on the 1st day?
All students will be placed in groups based on their ability level (beginners will be placed together). Students who have skied before will complete a small “ski-off” to be placed in an appropriate group. They will be directed to appropriate terrain to keep practicing. Ms. Illar will be checking in with the students often and will ski/board with the beginners during free ski. You will need to remember your instructor’s name and group meeting place!

Is dinner provided for students?
Meals are not included in the price of skiing. You may either send a packed dinner with your child or give them money to buy food in the Seven Springs cafeteria. Parents are also permitted to bring food to their children if they are planning on traveling to Seven Springs.

I plan on picking up my child at Seven Springs from skiing…
Where should I meet him/her?

Set up a meeting place with your child near the ski school meeting area. After lessons are complete, you are permitted to either take your child home or stay for free ski.

Who do I need to contact?
If you know in advance that you will be picking up your child all 4 weeks, please complete the pick-up form found in the ski packet.
If you would like to pick up your child on a week-to-week basis, please send a note with your child on the day of skiing.

Click here to download the Ski Club Registration Forms for Spring 2013

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