Sixth Grade Fundraiser

Dear Parents of the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh Grade Students,

I’m pleased to announce the 6th Grade’s fundraiser for this year—selling nachos!  We will have this fundraiser every other Friday for $3.50 per plate—starting today!  This hot, delicious and filling meal will be made of corn tortilla chips, vegetarian refried beans, cheddar or vegan cheese, and the option of sour cream and chopped tomatoes.  This meal is intentionally gluten free, vegetarian and has a vegan/dairy-free option.

Our fundraiser is a part of our business math studies. (We took a loan out from the school to fund it.)  The proceeds will benefit our class trip to the Cincinnati Waldorf School to participate in the Medieval Games, and we will make a donation to Heifer International.

If you wish your child to participate in this hot lunch please send in $3.50 for it on Friday.  We will have quarters and dollar bills to help make change.  Sixth Graders will take orders first thing in the morning so we can make sure each order is filled at the beginning of the lunch periods.  After our first week of sales, we hope to expand to the children in the Extended Care Program.

Thank you,

Anne Clair Goodman

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