Simplicity Parenting

The Early Childhood Faculty of the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh is pleased to announce the 2011-2012 discussion group series based on Kim John Payne’s Simplicity Parenting.  Please join us for four evenings of discussion, craft, and community. 

            Why Simplicity?                                 October 19, 2011 

            Environment                                       November 16, 2011

            Schedule/Rhythm                               January 11, 2012

            Filtering Out the Adult World           March 28, 2012         

Each discussion evening will occur from 5:30 p.m. until 8 p.m. 

Copies of Simplicity Parenting can be ordered through the school by September 15, 2011.  Please add your name to the sign up sheets within the school or email with your orders.  Payment will be due upon pick up of books. 

Simplicity Parenting© by Kim John Payne offers a simple, orderly, and effective pathway to simplify homes, which reduces stress on children and their parents, and allows room for connection, creativity, and relaxation.

Parents who take steps along this pathway to simplify their homes and their schedules, to introduce more predictable rhythms and to filter out concerns which children are not yet able to cope with, find that their children:

• Are calmer and happier
• Do better socially and emotionally
• Are more focused at school
• Find it easier to comply with family rules
• Become less picky eaters

These parents also find that they themselves:

• To have a clearer picture of what they value as parents
• Are more united with each other in their parenting
• Have more time and energy for connection, relaxation, and fun.

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