Seventh Graders and the Age of Exploration

Renaissance History is a major part of the 7th grade curriculum.     This year they will study the Age of Exploration, the Scientific Renaissance, patrons and artist from this period, the Reformation and theater of the Renaissance period.  Studies recently focused on the Age of Exploration including Chinese exploration including Zheng He and the Silk Road.  Read and enjoy some snippets from some main lesson books.  Others are included in the display at the top of the grades staircase.

The seventh grade in Waldorf schools study the Renaissance, the Reformation and the Age of Discovery.  “The twelve year old takes on an inward interest in great historical connections.  The study of historical impulses helps students to develop a keener appreciation of other cultures and a better understanding of the time in which they live.  The point of teaching history is not simply to transport children to ancient times but to help students to recognize each age for what it offers to the course of human evolution…and to begin to realize that they themselves are part of history.” (Rhythms of Learning, R.Trostli).  The students’ study of biographies such as Queen Elizabeth I of England, Joan of Arc and Martin Luther make a deep impression on them at this time in their development when they are beginning to experience a heightened sense of their own individuality and identity.

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