Scrip Fundraising Program

SWS_A_Service_of_GLSC_091514Scrip is a very simple fundraiser: families buy scrip gift cards for common retailers (grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, etc.), and a percentage of the cards’ value is donated to the school. For example, purchasing a $25 gift card for The Children’s Place (which offers a 13% rebate) raises $3.25 for WSP! These rebates add up very quickly—especially when many families participate. The school is currently raising funds for scholarships and hopes to raise $5,000 towards this goal during the 2016-17 school year using this program.

Read these stories from parents using the Scrip program


Parents tell their stories about using the Scrip program

“When I shop at Whole Foods, I like to use the MyScripWallet website for easy reloading of my Scrip card while I’m out and about. Once I’ve ordered the Scrip card, I can access it on my phone and show it to the cashier when I check out. It doesn’t take any extra time at all.” – Merrit DesLauriers, WSP parent

“Hey fellow Waldorf families: So, they asked me if I’d write a word or two about ShopwithScrip and how I use it. In short, I LOVE SHOPWITHSCRIP! It is just so cool that whenever I buy groceries (Giant Eagle or Whole Foods), for NO EXTRA money and no extra effort, money goes to the school! Same deal for taking our boy to Eat n’ Park, or getting lunch from Chipotle: it’s easy, I spend no more than I would spend otherwise, and money goes to the school! It’s so good that I think (no scientific proof for this, but I’m convinced) that paying for my Chipotle food with Scrip has kept me from getting sick!!! Well, ok, maybe not, but it HAS kept me feeling good, and feeling like I’m getting something for nothing, and that something is a gift that supports the school! What could be better than that???” – David Orenstein, alum parent

“I was one of those people who had heard of Scrip, but wasn’t quite sure what it was and thought it was surely something I didn’t have time to bother with. When I found out that it was about getting money for our school from big companies and that I didn’t have to ask anybody for anything, I decided that this was the kind of fundraiser that I could get behind. I have been using ScripNow (electronic gift cards) for my purchases from and L.L.Bean, because I do a lot of shopping on those sites and it’s easy for me to use ScripNow online (and LLBean donates an incredible 16% of my purchase directly to our school!) After I got everything set up and linked to my bank account, now all I have to do is go to and purchase a gift card for the amount I want, and a few minutes later I can use it to complete my online purchases. I don’t even have to remember any passwords or pins. It’s so easy, and it’s bringing money into our community from the outside, so there’s no reason not to do it. I hope to start using Scrip for my grocery store purchases in the future. The dollars add up quickly– if I buy my kids $100 of outdoor gear at LLBean, $16 goes directly to WSP. Think about what that can buy for WSP! Think about what it could buy for our school if we all did it!” – Shannon Hula, WSP parent

“Once I got the Scrip account set up, it has been so easy to purchase gift cards each month.  I use them for my regular grocery shopping and since the start of this school year we have earned over $140 for the school, just by using gift cards to buy groceries!” – Melissa Brown, WSP parent

“I have earned over $600 for the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh this school year, and almost $3,000 for the school over the years since I began using the program in November of 2011. I focus on four retailers: Giant Eagle, Whole Foods, Starbucks and Amazon. I use the Giant Eagle cards for gas in addition to groceries. Some  people think that this program is difficult or that you have to be hyper-organized to use it. My perception is that it is very easy once your presto pay account is set up. For me, using the program is simply a habit. I give it zero thought. Amazon is the easiest retailer to use. Amazon keeps track of your gift card balance for you, and its a no-brainer to use. My feeling is that this is free money for our school, basically for doing nothing other than my regular shopping.” – Jan Steckel, former WSP parent and former Scrip program coordinator

“Whenever I’m shopping at Whole Foods, I use the Scrip program. I like that every time I purchase something, I am donating to the school. And, the balance remaining on my card is on the receipt, so when I am low, I login and add money to the card. It takes 30 seconds.”
– Bob Roberson, WSP Business Manager and Alumni Parent

“I shop at Whole Foods using the Scrip re-loadable card. I’m there 2 to 3 times a week, and its very easy for me to just re-load my card using my smart phone while I’m in the store. I’ve also purchased a Scrip ecard on the spot while shopping at Lowes. It didn’t take any time at all for the Scrip ecard to arrive in my email, and I just showed the ecard on my phone to the cashier to make the purchase. I love that my purchases can contribute to my grandkids’ school.” -Virginia Van Pelt, WSP grand-parent 

“I use ScripNow whenever I buy on-line at Amazon. Just before clicking ‘Place Your Order,’ I purchase a ScripNow eCard for the total cost of the order using my ShopWithScrip account. The eCard arrives in my email within a minute or two. Then, I paste the gift card code into the ‘Add a gift card’ box on the Amazon checkout page and click ‘Checkout.’ I only have to do a few extra steps, the school receives 3% of my total purchase. Its very, very easy and takes no time at all.” – Laura Baker, WSP parent and current Scrip program coordinator

Purchase scrip cards one of these three cool, easy ways:

1) Buy cards at the Front Office: Popular plastic scrip cards (Giant Eagle, Whole Foods) will be on sale in the Front Office. Purchase with cash, check, or pay through TADS. No sign-up is necessary.

2) Order through WSP’s website: Navigate to this Google doc to order scrip directly through the school. The school will place the order for the cards for you. Browse the card selection at, indicate your selection on the school’s Google doc, and your cards will be delivered to the Front Office at the beginning of each month after payment (cash, check) is received. You can also sign up to be billed by TADS. You can even subscribe for a recurring monthly order.

3) Buy online at Create an online “Shop with Scrip” account with Great Lakes Scrip to purchase scrip directly using your bank account (PrestoPay). This method allows more flexibility for purchasing online using e-cards (“ScripNow”) or reloadable plastic cards. A mobile site (myscripwallet) even allows you to buy scrip while in the store using your phone. (Click here for more information on mobile phone access.) Plastic cards can also be ordered for monthly delivery to the Front Office. Follow the directions below to get started with your own Shop with Scrip account.

To purchase cards online (option 3), follow these steps:

1. Create a Shop with Scrip account:

2. Create a Presto Pay account:

  • Click on the PrestoPay link on the Dashboard on your Shop with Scrip account.
  • Enter your bank account information: account type, routing and account number.
  • Choose your private four-digit PIN number.

3. Verify your bank account:

  • PrestoPay will make two small deposits to your account; this may take 1-2 days.
  • Log into your Shop with Scrip account, enter the two deposit amounts.

4. Obtain approval from the WSP scrip coordinator (Laura Baker):

  • You will get an e-mail from with a four-digit approval code.
  • Forward the four-digit approval code to

5. Buy scrip cards online:

  • Log in at, pick what you want and “add to cart”
  • Be sure to choose PrestoPay when you purchase (PrestoPay charges as $0.15 convenience fee.)
  • Use your four-digit PIN to purchase your cards.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the program coordinator at or call the school’s Front Office.

To view a list of retailers that offer scrip cards, click here: Scrip Retailers

Orders for plastic scrip cards must be placed by midnight before the first day of each month. Scrip cards will be delivered to the Front Office within 7 days from the time the order is placed. Parents will be notified by email when scrip cards arrive.

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