School Expansion Update

The Expansion Committee is pleased to announce we have accepted a proposal to work with LDA (Landmarks Design Associates) Architects on our immediate facility needs for seventh and eighth grades as well as refinement of the master plan draft.  We will be working directly with Mr. Ellis Schmidlapp, architect and president of LDA.


LDA specializes in preservation, rehabilitation, and adaptive use of historic buildings and new construction within existing historic neighborhoods and districts.  Ellis has directed all of the firm’s projects since its incorporation in 1978.  Prior to establishing LDA, Mr. Schmidlapp served for nearly a decade as Director of Historic Buildings Development for Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation.


We are grateful to Bob Baumbach, architect and parent of a current third and sixth grader for re-establishing our relationship with Mr. Schmidlapp.  Bob and Ellis have worked together for years and interestingly, Ellis’ son attended our early childhood program when the school was located the South Side. This is yet another reminder of our resource-rich community!

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