Renovations and Other Happenings at WSP

This summer at the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh has been just as active and fulfilling as the school year preceding it. Our summer faculty, camp counselors, and Little Friends caregivers have done an outstanding job of making summertime fun for almost 50 children weekly, no matter how brightly the sun is shining.

Looking toward the future of WSP, our expansion efforts and renovations have been well on their way.  The former Forest Garden store has been packed up with the space expanded and painted.  Work continues to transform the space into a beautiful second nursery classroom.  The expanded room will include a new large counter top and sink area complete with cubby space.

We’ve worked hard to prepare for 7th grade next fall. All the pews have been removed from the chapel to begin to transform the space into our 7th grade classroom.  Chalkboards have arrived and one can start to imagine what a great space this will be for our oldest students to learn about Renaissance history, geometry, poetry and chemistry.

Finally, we are thankful that all the Early Childhood classrooms now have fabulous new sinks with running water, cupboards, and counter tops.  We may miss the sight of faculty and children lugging buckets of water back and forth, but their arms will have more time for other important work of the room!

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