Parent Volunteers Needed – Little Friends Spruce Up

Little Friends needs your help this summer! School parents can complete volunteer hours doing work at home making place mats, napkins, dying curtains, sewing play-cloths, or painting classrooms signs, creating decorative bulletin boards, etc. Parents can come in to complete hours on a Saturday or Sunday to paint the front porch, deep clean the kitchen, etc. or they can register to come in during the time that LF is closed between the summer and fall sessions (August 9th – 25th) to assist in the physical assembly of the place. Help make the Yellow House beautiful for the 2013-14 school year!

Parent Volunteer Opportunities

 At – Home Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Make place mats for Little Friends classrooms (20 place mats or napkins per person minimum) Cloth donated by Ms. Abigail.
  2. Dye curtains pink for the Yellow House classrooms and Rainbow Room (supplies purchased by the school) – parents sew to the proper height for each classroom.
  3. Classroom Signs: Parents Watercolor and Inscribe Beautifully the names of each classroom on large Watercolor Paper and mount these on foam core. To be hung on the door to each Little Friends classroom.
  4. Make Beautiful Watercolor Paintings to decorate bathrooms and entryway of the Yellow House (or donate your grown up children’s watercolor work. Make felted pictures if you’re feeling talented!
  5. Make 2 cot slipcovers – to fit over stacked cots while they are away during the morning hours of our days.

On Site Opportunities 

  1. Paint the Front Porch Floor
  2. Deep clean the Yellow House Kitchen/ Bathrooms
  3. Assemble IKEA furniture


Items we need for next year:

  1. Arm Chair
  2. Pillows (any kind)
  3. Plants for children to care for

For more information on these volunteer opportunities, please contact Ms. Abigail at

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