Parent Handbook Updates

A new parent handbook was distributed at Back-to-School night to all parents.  If a school family was unable to attend Back-to-School night to receive their updated copy of the handbook, please stop by the Front Office to collect it.  It is very important that parents obtain an updated copy and read it.  The parent handbook includes revised policies on the following topics:

  • Pets on campus
  • After school play yard usage
  • Nuts in the classroom
  • Childcare at school events
  • Leadership Structure
  • Discipline Policy
  • Toilet training policy
  • Communications policy
  • Transportation changes and busing

It is highly recommended that all parents review the updated version of the handbook and note the changes to these areas of school policy.  Starting the school year together with everyone on the same page will make for a more productive year in the classroom for the teachers, children and parents, so please pick up your copy of the handbook if you haven’t done so yet.

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