Parent business information request for the EITC program

Dear Parents,

Most of you folks don’t know me, but my name is Russ Sabo and I am the Treasurer of our school. Last year was our family’s first year at the school, and we have two children enrolled, Ellie who is in First Grade, and Sofie, who is in Fifth. Although we are new to the school, we have been in Pittsburgh for over 12 years, and experienced a number of different educational options raising our five daughters. When we discovered The Waldorf School of Pittsburgh for our little ones, we knew that we found something that is very special indeed. As a new family to the community, we are eager to see it grow and flourish. As Treasurer, I chair the Finance Committee. I view that one of the roles of the Finance Committee is to be as proactive as possible in bolstering our operating budget with alternate sources of income. By doing so, we can continue to offer financial assistance to as many families as possible, while continuing to make improvements to our building so our children and teachers have all the tools they need.

I’m writing this letter as a request for a bit of help. The school receives donations through a state government tax credit program benefiting educational organizations. The Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) is a program administered by the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) that gives businesses paying any one of a number of corporate taxes a credit for donating money to a non-profit scholarship or educational improvement organization. Corporations can take a state tax credit for up to 90% of their donation. In addition to the state tax credit received, many companies can also deduct their contribution on their federal tax return, costing them virtually nothing to make the donation.

The process for a corporation to enroll in the EITC program is a simple one. Businesses send a one-page application included in this packet or at Once the corporation receives DCED approval letter, the company has 60 days to make its donation(s) and 90 days to send proof of the donation.

Our school, the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh, is registered as a Scholarship Organization with the EITC program as we are a non-profit 501(C)(3) corporation and provide scholarships through our Scholarship Program. We have received EITC donations in the past from select corporations. This year we would like to attempt to expand our list of donors and ask that you provide us with some simple information on your employer using the attached form so that we can contact them. You can submit the information on-line using the form located at, or you can print the form and drop it off at the school. Please note, that we will not reference your position as an employee in our outreach activities. This is only to help us build our database.

If you would like to personally participate in this fund raising activity with your employer, we will be happy to support you with coaching and the necessary materials. Any dollar we can raise in this fashion makes a significant difference in how we can operate the school. Please contact Laura Baker at the business office 412-441-5792 x225 for more information.


Russ Sabo
Treasurer of the Board of Trustees

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