On the Graduating Fifth Grade Class

Our Fifth Grade class, lead by Ms Thomas, does not shy away from their upperclassman responsibilities. After all, they’ve been the oldest class in the school for two years and have grown into the job. As Third Graders, they found themselves alone at the top of the academic and leadership pack when we said goodbye to Mr. Crowe’s combined 4th/5th class in 2008. That was our last graduation and it seems like it was a long time ago.

This class has had the privilege of helping the First Graders with their first knitted stitches for two years in a row. They have been the final act of Children’s Festivals and Strings Concerts as well. Their responsible behavior has been the model for the rest of the school for quite awhile. I remember looking at their small faces in their newly-made Third Grade hats.

One of the outstanding features of this class of 2010 is that they are such good friends and frequently offer friendship and help to younger students in our school.

Since their time in Little Friends this group of, usually—eleven, has seen several friends come and go. We think warmly of Carter, River and J.D. who had to leave us early. Now, as Fifth Graders, their faces are stronger and more confident looking. Having had a great showing at their Pentathlon in Ann Arbor, they’ve grown and are ready to face the world of middle schools—mostly public schools. Quite a few [seven] will be going on to the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA 6-12) School where many former Waldorf students are in attendance and ready to welcome them. Others are going on to neighborhood schools, the New Church School, or the Kentucky Avenue School. We know their leadership has been honed and they’re ready for a fresh start.

It’s time to say good bye, Fifth Grade. We’ll cherish the memories. And we’ll miss you!
Mrs. Konefal-Shaer

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