Newsletter December 17, 2010

Weekly Newsletter December 17, 2010

“It is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas, when its mighty Founder was a child himself.”
~Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

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Fri 12/17 • Early Dismissal 12:15 pm, Buses will be here at dismissal, Little Friends
still in session full day. No Extended Care Program.

Mon 12/20 • Winter Break Begins-No Little Friends

Mon 1/3 • School resumes as usual

Wed 1/5 • Facilities “Doing,” 5:00-8:00 pm

Fri 1/7 • PA Hot Lunch Friday, 11:45 am, $4.00

Sat 1/8 • Third Grade Parent Meeting, 9:30 am, Third Grade Classroom

Mon 1/10 • First Grade Parent Meeting, 6:00 pm, First Grade Classroom

Tue 1/11 • Parent Association Meeting, 8:00 am, Parent Room

Wed 1/12 • Second Grade Parent Meeting, 6:00 pm, Second Grade Classroom

Mon 1/17 • Martin Luther King Jr. Day, No School, No Extended Care,
No Little Friends


Use this holiday season
As a member of the WSP community you are encouraged to utilize this search engine this holiday season in an effort to get donations for the school. Just specify the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh as your choice for charity. Full article available at

St. Nicolas Day

December 7th was St. Nicolas Day. For photos of St. Nicolas’s visit to the school visit

Pitt Students Present Building History
This past Tuesday night, our school was pleased to host a presentation by University of Pittsburgh students from this semester’s Architectural Studies class who have been using the school as a field site to learn about researching and documenting a historic building. Full article available at

Winter Fair
A huge thank you to all of the parents, faculty and staff who helped to make Winter Fair such a success this year. The gross income for Winter Fair this year was $9,660.00. Thank you to all of our spectacular performers who made this fair such an exciting and enjoyable time for us. Full article available at

Winter Spiral
Many parents and children participated in the Winter Spiral walk on Friday, December 10th. Each child was given a candle to light the darkened room with and place in the evergreen boughs lining the pathway, creating a beautiful and ethereal sight. Full article available at


Re-enrollment materials will be sent out on Friday, January 28th and the re-enrollment applications will need to be submitted back by February 28th.

Nursery Information Hour
For all parents whose children will be attending Nursery next school year, you are required to attend the Nursery Information Hour on February 5th at 9:00 am.

Open House

Our next Open House is Saturday, February 5th at 10:00 am, immediately following Nursery Info. Hour. Please let all friends and family know who may be interested in Waldorf.

Financial Aid Workshop
The Financial Aid Workshop is scheduled for 11:30 am on February 5th directly following our Open House.

Why Waldorf Works
In the article The Melancholic Child, Gifts and Challenges by Thomas Poplawski, the focus is on children who are “highly sensitive,” or as Steiner had labeled them, “melancholic.” For full article visit

Thursday tours
Tours are led every Thursday morning beginning at 8:45am. Please let any prospective families know about these tours. The tours are also a great way for Little Friends and Morning Garden families who haven’t seen the entire school to get a fuller picture of our school. Tours are open to current families as well.

Full article also available at

Enrollment Committee Book Club
The first book series discussion will be held on Tuesday, January 18th at the Wiegman-Bartlett house at 7pm. The book we will be discussing is Simplicity Parenting, by author Kim John Payne. Take some time this holiday break to get some reading done. Kim John Payne will also be speaking here in the spring.
Full article also available at


Little Friends
From the warmth of the house
Little face at the window watch the snowflakes fly.
Taking our time to bundle we tromp ourselves outside,
“Let’s not let this winter magic pass us by.”

Full article available at


In the Fifth Grade
The Fifth Grade has spent the month of December studying North American Geography. Beginning at the top of our continent in the Canadian Archipelagos and working our way southward we have learned about the Maritime Canadian Provinces, New England, the Mid Atlantic States and have ventured into the southern states. A part of our studies included biography reports. The students were given a choice of Canadian, American, or Mexican people who made great contributions to our lives today. Full article available at

Handwork News
The First Grade knitting project is now completed—the knitted ball. More recently the class has dyed natural skeins of wool to make multicolored yarn. They will be knitted into long scarves. Full article available at


As a reminder, parents looking to fulfill volunteer hours should visit the school website’s volunteer page at for current and upcoming volunteer opportunities at the school.

Possible Mentor Families for 2011-2012

Please contact Erin Commendatore if you are interested in becoming a mentor to a new family for the 2011-12 school year. A brief training will be provided in May.


Annual Fund Drive
Since the Annual Fund Drive packets went out the end of October, the school has received $20,510.50 in donations. Many thanks to everyone for their generosity.

Full versions of all of the above articles can be found at

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