New Intercom System for the Back Door.

As many of you have noticed, last Friday the school installed an intercom/buzz-in system for the back door. To ensure the maximum safety of our students, the following procedures will be observed when using the new system.

The intercom system will be used from 8:40 am through 3:30 pm daily. Please be prepared to identify yourself by name and state your business at the school. If you are not immediately recognized by the Office Manager or are a new visitor to the school you will be greeted at the door rather than buzzed in. Visitors are required to come to the office where they will sign in and be given a visitor’s badge to wear for the duration of their visit.

Only members of the Administrative Team are permitted to use the intercom system to allow entry to the school at this time, so if you are not responded to immediately please be patient. If, upon using the intercom alert button, you are not answered please use the doorbell to alert staff that you are at the door. In the event that a substitute is at the Front Desk, or the Office Manager or other member of the Administrative Team is not available, you will be greeted in person.

After 3:30 pm please use the doorbell to alert the Extended Care staff that you are at the back door.

We would like to extend a special thank you to all of the parents of the school who continually lend a hand at answering the doors during their busiest times. Please remember that all visitors to the school much check in with the Front Office to sign in and get a visitor’s badge. We ask that you have visitors identify themselves and state their business at the school before granting entry. Please walk all visitors to office where a member of the school’s staff can direct them. If you do not feel comfortable asking these questions or walking visitors to the office, the school asks that you please refrain from answering the door; a staff member will be available to answer it shortly. This is for the safety of the school community and for your comfort as well.

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