New Front Office Manger

The Front Office Hiring Committee and the Administration of the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh are happy to announce that the position of Front Office Manager has been filled by Hilary Penigar.  Ms. Hilary has a degree in Children’s Literature from the University of Pittsburgh, and is currently serving as the Gallery Attendant at Gallery 4 and the House Manager for the Kelly-Strayhorn Theater.  She is an avid knitter, and also has skills in website design and newsletter writing.  She has expressed a genuine desire to join our school community and is very attracted to the principles of Waldorf Education.  In addition, she has some previous experience working with children of all ages organizing children’s birthday parties at Joanne’s Fabrics.

Lizz Leonard, our current Front Office Manager will leave the position after the delivery of her second child, but for now will remain in the Front Office for the month of May.  Hilary will begin to train with Lizz over the next few weeks and will be in the Front Office from time to time over the next few weeks.

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