Meet our New Assistants

In our last Summer Newsletter, we introduced some of our new assistants and special subject teachers here at WSP. Please continue reading to learn more about the new faces (and a few old) joining us this school year.

Miss Emily Mervis will hold two important roles in the early childhood this year: Little Friends Rainbow Room teacher (8am-12pm) and the afternoon teacher in SnowDrop Nursery (12-3pm). Miss Jean Marie Pearce will be the assistant in the Rainbow Room during the morning hours.  Miss Emily Laychak has several years of childcare experience working as a nanny, in day-cares, and most recently she worked in the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh Summer Camp!  Miss Emily is currently pursing an education degree and we welcome her into our community.

In the Yellow House we have the wonderful Miss Virginia Mullins, Lead Teacher (8am-3pm), Miss Sarah Burger, Lead Teacher 8am-3pm), Miss Emily Hanser, Assistant (8am-12pm), Miss Emily Laychak- Assistant (12-3pm) and Lead Teacher (3-6pm), and Miss Chloe Kruse, Assistant (3-6pm) and Wednesdays (12-3pm).

Jesse Landis-Eigsti joins us as our new music teacher this year. Mr. Landis-Eigsti has worked in the extended care and summer camp programs for almost two years. His music career began when he started playing piano 20 years ago. Since then, he has taught piano for the last 10 years and graduated from Goshen College with a degree in Music.  He plays a variety of instruments including guitar, ukelele, accordion, and bass and has extensive experience singing in choirs. When not teaching at our school, Mr. Landis-Eigsti enjoys his work as the Director of Worship music at Allegheny Unitarian Universalist church.

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