May Fair 2013 -Thank You

We would like to extend our deep gratitude to all of the volunteers and families who worked diligently to make this a truly beautiful and memorable May Fair. We cannot thank Alissa Miller, this year’s May Fair Coordinator, enough for all of her efforts to organize, promote, and make possible this joyous festival. It was such a pleasure to see children playing together with fairy wings, gnome hats, and May crowns while playing games, watching marionette shows, and enjoying live music. The pure exuberance of children bouncing is difficult to describe, but a gift to have experienced. We thank our Early Childhood faculty for the committed effort they put into their marionette performances of a traditional Korean story. We thank the live musicians whose music contributed to the joy that filled the atmosphere of the day, and to the stilt walker who made our fair seem that much more magical. To all of the parents who worked shifts to help with the different crafts, May crowns, face painting, and outdoor games, we thank you for your contribution of time (which we know there is rarely enough of), and we thank you for sharing your gifts and presence with so many children and other families. We thank also the parents that made and shared baked goods, refreshments, and lunches, making the day delicious and giving families the opportunity to enjoy food together. Thank you also to the Urban Gardener ( for bringing a even more beauty to our event with your flower and plant sale.

Below are some of the many pictures contributed to us by parents, including Linda Santelices, owner of Pure Photography, that capture some of the delightful moments from this special and memorable day.  If you have any pictures you’d like to share with us, please send them to




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