Martimas Celebration and Lantern Walk

Martinmas is a European end-of-autumn market festival. St. Martin of Tours, France is known as the patron saint of Martinmas. He devoted his life to seeking out and caring for beggars, downcasts, and those in need. One story tells how St. Martin encountered a poor beggar on a cold winter night, and taking his sword, split his own cloak in two and wrapped one half around the beggar. Please join us in sharing the spirit of Martinmas.

The celebration will be on Friday, November 12th beginning at 5:30pm at the Frick Environment Center, 2005 Beechwood Drive. We will begin with warm drinks, with the walk led by song to follow. Dress warmly and stay with your children at all times. This event involves a journey through the woods in the dark, so backpacks or slings are recommended for small children.

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