Making Tuition Payments

There are three different payment plans for paying tuition:

Plan A, where tuition is paid all at once on July 1st 2010.
Plan B, where tuition is paid in two installments on July 1st and November 1st.
Plan C, where tuition is paid over the course of the year in 10 monthly installments.

For those who select Plan C, tuition will be billed through our external collection service, Educational Computer Systems Inc., or ECSI. This company collects student loans and private school tuition, and can be accessed by going to


Invoices for all three plans were sent out mid-June, and most families should have received them at their home address. For those participating in Plan A or Plan B, your invoice will come directly from the school. For those paying by Plan C, your invoice will come from ECSI. Please be sure to watch for ECSI in the return address line. This is your bill, please be careful not to discard as junk mail.

For more in depth information on your bill, using the ECSI website, making payments, or customer service please download our Making Tuition Payments PDF

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