Major Volunteering for Major School Events

Volunteering your time (and elbow grease) on Beautification Weekend is one of the most important ways to help the school.  The faculty and staff all took two 6-hour shifts each day.  Several families took time to clean each classroom make all areas of the school sparkle.  Thank you to everyone who washed windows, weed-whacked, put together desks or polished woodwork.  Volunteers from the Beautification Weekend are listed below:



Melisa Stiglitz

Ben Stiglitz

Calvin Ruse

Laura Macia

Mark Perry

Joan Rossi

Jeff Harris

Rob Conroy

Rebecca Mizikar

Herman Maldonaldo

Christine Summa

Barbara Doyle

Ian Winter

Cheri Smith

Paul Baker

Ann Baker

Alex West

Veronica Harris

Sheng-Chung Chen

Pegin Foglia

Erin Hare


(If you do not see your name and you volunteered during Beautification Weekend, you missed the sign-in sheet.)


Looking ahead, please contribute some volunteer hours to these other “high need” areas this year:  Winter Fair, Parent Association – Hot Lunch Fridays, Facilities & Grounds, Upper School Expansion Committee & May Fair. 


Echoing Rudolf Steiner, “The Waldorf School must be a true cultural deed through which the renewal of the entire structure of society must echo…it is everyone’s task to be responsible and wakeful – this is the new challenge.”  Thank you for your efforts

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