Viewing of “Screenagers”

In what ways are screens affecting teenagers? On Wednesday, November 2, at 7:00pm the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh is sponsoring a screening of Screenagers at Row House Cinema in Lawrenceville, with a discussion period. You can purchase tickets here.

Click here for the flyer.

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Assistant in Little Friends Childcare Program – January Start Date

Position Details

Caring for children ages 18 months – 3 years in a homelike, holistic care setting Monday – Friday year round. Our Little Friends Program runs from 8 am – 6 pm daily, with approx. 6 weeks off per year. Currently, we are interviewing for an assistant in the toddler class from 2:45 – 6:15 pm Monday – Friday. Assistants will be working with and sharing the space with a lead teacher. This slow paced, home like care program for young children includes plenty of outdoor play, domestic activities, the daily cooking of organic foods, as well as singing songs and telling stories.

* Starting pay for assistants is $11.50/hour


  • A high-school diploma or more
  • 2 years verifiable work with children OR a B.A. in the social services or educational field
  • Up to Date Clearances (recent within 1 year)

Application materials must include:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Biography – one page document explaining your personal/professional background including how/why you came to be interested in working at the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh in the Little Friends Program as a caregiver
  • List of 3 professional references

To apply, send applications materials to:

Waldorf School of Pittsburgh
Attn: Little Friends
201 S. Winebiddle St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Or via email at

It is encouraged that you please read about Waldorf philosophy and education at, before applying.

Applications are accepted until the position is filled.  Please, no phone inquiries.

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Spotlight on Grandparents

“In this day and age where the media portrays ‘there is no hope’ – the school gives me hope for the future. I look forward to what is to come for these students and how they will contribute to the world.”

-Laura Kulick, WSP grandparent

Does an education at the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh make a difference in children’s lives now and in the future? Laura and John Kulick, proud WSP grandparents of a current 7th grade student, think so! They’ve seen the difference it’s made in the life of their grandson, Jack. Jack came to WSP in 4th grade and has been thriving ever since. Will you help WSP children thrive with your generous gift to the Annual Fund?

Laura Kulick raised three daughters with her husband, John, a Lieutenant in the state police. John often traveled for work and Laura spent her days volunteering at the girls’ private school. She did it all – from organizing the school Christmas shop to editing the school’s first newspaper with the 7th and 8th grade classes. “It was wonderful to be able to have contact with teachers, to be involved with the social and emotional well-being of the children, and be connected to the school.” Both Laura and John valued a life of service to their family and greater community – values they see cultivated at the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh.

“The school enlightens the child to see so much more – to see themselves and other people as confident human beings. And this brings a deeper sense of awareness for others. The school is preparing the children not only academically, but to love one another and accept differences,” says Laura.

What has been instilled in Laura and John’s grandson, Jack, has been life-changing. “Before coming to WSP, Jack was so unhappy (in school) and I had an ache in my heart that only a grandmother could have.” Now, “he has opened up like a fine instrument and in my mind, I always see him standing tall. His teachers at the school have helped him to breathe – opened him up to be able to say, ‘I recognize my abilities’.”

Your gift to the Annual Fund allows more young people to see their amazing abilities and to appreciate those of others. Please consider joining this year’s Annual Fund. You will feel good knowing that your generous investment will help other students thrive and bring hope for the future.

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Check out Waldoberfest!


Join us for Waldorf Oktoberfest: Waldoberfest! More info at

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Annual Fund 2016 – Thank You Donors


Thank you to all our generous donors!

Visionary ($2,500–$9,999):

Anne Clair Goodman & Harold Shapera
Donna Belajac

Patron ($1,000–$2,499):

Cindy & Michael Savoia
Aderholt Family Fund
Kirsten Christopherson-Clark & John Clark
Susannah & Adam Tripp
Josh Aderholt & Aggie Hanczewski
Juergen & Lori Mross

Fellow ($500–$999):

Carrie Tongarm
Hemant Agrawal & Julie Pal-Agrawal
William & Shannon Hula
George & Sandra King
Andrea Mahone
Mark & Ruth Mankoff
Jill & Adam Zihar
Gretchen Aiyangar
Linda Santelices & Mario Castagnaro
Pegin & Bill Foglia

Supporter ($250–$499):

Charlotte & Bob Roberson
Jill Roediger
Morgan Hunt
Denise & Paco Mahone
Devon Wood & Ian Winter
Cristine Gooch
Randy Bartlett & Paige Wiegman
Jenna Cramer & Rob Oliver
David & Roberta Konefal-Shaer

Partner ($100–$249):

Diane & Chris Martin
Norma & George Zech
Carol & John McCool
Anne & Myrvin Christopherson
Laura & John Kulick
Peg & Dave Darnell
Laura & Paul Baker
Melissa & Ian Brown
Michael & Patricia Bundy
Paul & Patti Dann
Meghan & Stefan Dann
Linda Driscoll
Markus Erbeldinger & Zuleikha Erbeldinger-Bjork
Rebecca Farabaugh
Kate & Brendan Froeschl
Lauren Goldstein
Seungil Huh & Jee Eun Song
Connie Humphrey
Julie & Kent Jensen
Betsy & Bill Lychack
Kelly & Lance Mroz
Bob Roberson
Kevin Seal
Virginia Van Pelt
Melissa Wagner & Christopher Ballod
Paul & Pamela Wiegman
Carol & Dick Winter
Laura Zech
Rebecca & Joshua Brown
Alexandra Gruskos & David Orenstein
Laura Hughes & William Julin III
Saniye Ayca Tosun & Akif Burak Tosun
Rob Handel & Joy Katz
Colleen & Todd Tomczyk
Carol Vencill
Lindsay & Andy Wood
Kimberly & Gabriel O’Donnell
Amber Barnato & Greg Crowley
Stephanie & Andrew Bruno
Viachaslau Charnashei & Valentina Kuprijanova
Dan & Beth Eller
Angela Illar
Holly King & Jeffrey Dorsey
Joe Nawrocki & Camille DiNicola
Dale Opdahl
Andrei Voicu & Rebecca Mizikar
Delanie Jenkins & Anderson English
Ross & Naomi Wheeler

Friend (up to $99):

Lucinda & Daniel Copeland
Albert Froeschl
Lois Placke
Maria Voicu
Ursula Smith
Bentley Bondy
Mark & Jean Geherin
Michelle Opdahl & Tommy Bowser
Brian Wagner & Rebecca Davidson-Wagner
Bianca Brousseau
Sue Harris
Dawn Penney & Jacob Stempky
Laura Seal
Randall Wright & Lucia Ruedenberg
Jeanne Crelli
Merrit & Ryan Deslauriers
Robyn Thomas
Carol Zihar
Aryeh & Rochelle Sherman
Jennifer Aitken & Lykourgos Iordanidis
Michael Cochran & Nadine Lehrer
Jennifer & Bill Larson
Kate & Moshe Sherman
Martin & Melissa Becker
Grand Designs (Tommy Bowser)
Nisse Christopherson
John Dennis
Courtney Ehrlichman
Karin Fast & David Zwier
Mary Fulmer
Renee Gielewski
Jennifer & Mac Howison
Emily Illar
Lisa Jackson-Schebetta & Dennis Schebetta
Molly Mehling & Carl Nim
Ahimsa Shakti
Wendy & Rick Thielbar
Suzanne Wolfe
Pamela Paich & Bill Caraway
Christina & Michael Chirdon-Jones
Kirk Eichenberger
Kristin Bundy


Jacob Orenstein
Maya Goldstein
Elliott Brown
Zinnia Sherman
Bailey Zihar
Annika Antopolsky
Aila Dann
Ori Sherman
Tyler Zihar
John Iordanidis
Leo Baker
Helena Ballod
Enzo Castagnaro
Sofia Castagnaro
Torben Clark
Levi Froeschl
Noahlivia Geherin
Chance Handel
Elena Mankoff-Dey
Spencer Perry
Phineas Wood
Morgan Brown
Finnegan Bartlett
Thomas Bowser
Audrey Collier
Sophia Collier
Marissa Erbeldinger-Bjork
Nolan Hunter
Jade Kennedy
Clayton Kenney
Kavi Mankoff-Dey
Aiden Mayer-Staley
Arielle Miller
Maryam Salem
Alexander Voicu
August Wiegman
Ayvind Wiegman
Nathaniel Winter
Barron Loeffler
Frederick Lychack
William Lychack
Elise Bowser
Eliza Dorsey
Lila English
Burgess Lychack
Nico Savoia
Summer Erbeldinger-Bjork

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After School Clubs Announced

Check out the options for the after school clubs for fall, winter, and spring of the 2016-17 school year at

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