The Kindergarten is a mixed-program for children ages 3-6, with children often staying in the Kindergarten for 2-3 years. The curriculum of our Early Childhood Program comes into full bloom once the child enters the Kindergarten classroom, and he or she easily transitions into being an active member of the family-like atmosphere. Older children often become the helpers and caregivers of the younger ones, and learn lessons of responsibility and compassion in this last stepping stone before the transition to grade school.  In the Kindergarten, the foundation they receive is rich in language, movement, social skills and imaginative play and serves them well as they enter grade school.

Benefits of having a mixed-age Kindergarten:

  • Not having to transition between Nursery and Kindergarten provides consistency for the child. This leads to a feeling of safety and a strong connection is made between the family and the teacher.
  • The class community becomes more like a family constellation and allows for nurturing and “rising up” occurring between ages.
  • Younger children can keep imagination and wonder alive a bit longer, while the older children offer a strong sense of knowing the rules and responsibilities.
  • Younger children see what is possible for them creatively and developmentally when they witness older children strengthening skills.
  • Older children might display their best selves if they know they are being looked up to by younger students.
  • Mixed-age builds on the larger student community fostered in grades 1-8. Older students will have established relationships with younger students prior to the students entering 1st grade.

Kindergarten is a 5-day program with options that include:

  • Mon-Fri, 1/2 day from 8:00am-12:00pm
  • Mon-Fri, full-day from 8:00am-3:00pm

In addition, kindergarten students are eligible for after care until 6:00pm.

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