Kim John Payne

The Kim John Payne lecture and workshop were successful! Kim was lively and informative in communicating effective parenting strategies during his lecture. These simple and easy hands-on ways are also explained in his book, Simplicity Parenting. His workshop also sparked ideas for teachers, parents, and administrators on how to effectively prevent and address bullying and teasing at our school through discussion and activities.  A follow-up meeting has been scheduled on Monday, May 2nd for all of those who had attended the Sunday workshop. You can purchase Kim’s Social Inclusion CD, along with others listed below here at the school until next Friday, May 6th.

We still have these CDs left: Social Inclusion, Simplicity Parenting, Tweens &Teens, The Soul of Discipline, and the Socially Resilient Child. All CDs are $15 with the exception of Simplicity Parenting, which is a two-disc CD at the cost of $20. Contact Erin Commendatore if you are interested in purchasing. All CDs will be shipped back on Saturday, May 7th and not available at the school.

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