June 25, 2010 Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter June 25, 2010

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Wed 6/30 • Facilities Committee Doing, 5:30-8:00 pm

Thu 7/1 • Upper Elementary School Planning, 5:30-8:00 pm, at the Sharp Edge
For Directions visit http://waldorfpittsburgh.org/calendar/ and click on

Thu 7/15 • Upper Elementary School Planning, 5:30-8:00 pm, at the Sharp Edge
For Directions visit http://waldorfpittsburgh.org/calendar/ and click on


Summer Newsletters
The next Summer Newsletter will be issued on July 16th followed by one on August 20th.

Summer Hours
The Waldorf School of Pittsburgh and the Forest Garden Store will be open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until Noon this summer. For the complete article visit http://waldorfpittsburgh.org/summer-hours/

Using the New Website
School communication has shifted from the long, text based newsletters of the past to a more easily accessible blog format on our redesigned website at waldorfpittsburgh.org. To access the newsletter from your email, simply click on one of the links at the top or bottom of your Newsletter highlights email, or click directly on the link to the article you wish to read.

Parents are encouraged to visit http://waldorfpittsburgh.org/calendar/ to subscribe to the school calendar. This will alert you via email any time a new event is added to the school’s calendar.

You may also subscribe, directly through the website, to Waldorf School of Pittsburgh pages on your favorite social media network, in order to receive school news, as it’s posted, as well as the complete newsletter when it is published every other Friday. Just click on the social media network of your choosing on any page on our site.

Thank you and Farwell
The Waldorf School of Pittsburgh Community is sending its heartfelt thanks to five members of the community who are moving on as of June 30th. For the complete article visit http://waldorfpittsburgh.org/thank-you-and-farewell/

WSP Welcomes Erin Commendatore
WSP would like to welcome Erin Commendatore to our school as the new Enrollment Coordinator. She began her work with the school on June 21st and will train with Joan for two weeks before taking up the role of the Enrollment Coordinator on July 1st. For the complete article visit http://waldorfpittsburgh.org/wsp-welcomes-erin-commendatore/

Tuition Due Date is July 1st
Tuition is due July 1, 2010 for those families participating in the Plan A and Plan B tuition plans. Please make checks payable to the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh. For the complete article visit http://waldorfpittsburgh.org/tuition-due-date/

Making Tuition Payments
There are three different payment plans for paying tuition:

Plan A, where tuition is paid all at once on July 1st 2010.
Plan B, where tuition is paid in two installments on July 1st and November 1st.
Plan C, where tuition is paid over the course of the year in 10 monthly installments.

For those who select Plan C, tuition will be billed through our external collection service, Educational Computer Systems Inc., or ECSI. This company collects student loans and private school tuition, and can be accessed by going to www.ecsi.net.

For the complete article visit http://waldorfpittsburgh.org/making-tuition-payments/

WSP Congratulates Our Community Artists
This spring and summer have been the spring and summer for artists from the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh Community. For the complete article visit http://waldorfpittsburgh.org/wsp-congratulates-our-community-artists/

A few words from the Parent Association
At Tuesday’s Board meeting, each Committee and the PA presented their goals for the upcoming year. For the complete article visit http://waldorfpittsburgh.org/a-few-words-from-the-parent-association/


The school is still in need of volunteers to help with grass cutting this summer. You can come on your own schedule, work independently, and enjoy the outdoors. Please contact Brendan Froeschl at bfroeschl@waldorfpittsburgh.org if you are willing to help.

Visit http://waldorfpittsburgh.org/giving/volunteer/ for more volunteer opportunities.


The Waldorf School of Pittsburgh is currently seeking enthusiastic individuals dedicated to Waldorf Education to join the school’s cohesive and strong faculty and staff circle. The School has the following positions currently available:

• Little Friends Coordinator (beginning 2010-11 school year)
• Extended Care Coordinator (beginning 2010-11 school year)
• Substitute Office Manager (beginning August 1, 2010)
• Part Time Administrative Assistant (to begin immediatly)
• Part-Time Early Childhood Teacher’s Assistant

For more information on these and other employment opportunities please visit our website at: http://waldorfpittsburgh.org/ Employment

See a list of all of this week’s articles at http://waldorfpittsburgh.org/tag/newsletter06_25_10/

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