Invitation to Students’ Eurythmy Classes

Dear Parents,

I invite you to attend and participate in any of your children’s eurythmy classes next week, February 11th – 14th.  This is a wonderful opportunity to see what we are up to and have an experience of a whole eurythmy class (approximately 45 minutes). You are welcome to sit and watch, though I highly recommend participating (and in some grades we will still invite you to become audience at different moments in order to share pieces on which we’ve worked).

Due to the many school delays and cancellations over these few short weeks, it seems healthy and right to have the above-mentioned sharing instead of a full performance this year.

I ask that anyone who comes please: 1) Participate–either in the class moving with us or inwardly by actively beholding from the side 2) BE TIMELY and 3) leave any electro-magnetic devices either outside in the car or turned all the way OFF somewhere appropriate in the room.

If you cannot make it to any of the times indicated below, and yet are interested, please call me this weekend at 412 441 5792 ext. 414

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you,
Karen Robertson

The schedule is as follows:

11:00 Grade 4
11:45 Grade 8
1:15 Grade 3
2:00 Grade 5

11:00 Grade 7
11:45 Grade 1
1:15 Grade 6
2:00 Grade 5

11:00 Grade 6
11:45 Grade 8
2:00 Grade 4

1:15 Grade 7
2:00 Grade 2

Thank you to Barbara Doyle for these beautiful photographs that capture the beauty and magic of eurythmy!

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